Ealy Childhood Education

  • ECE and the Fiscal Cliff

    December 4, 2012


    Please follow the attached link to contact your Congressman about not letting the children fall over the fiscal cliff!  Tell them how important Early Childhood Education is to you and your family.   Don’t Let Kids Fall Off the Cliff Contact Congress Today

  • Screen time and children

    November 26, 2012


    Please visit this page to learn about screen time and children.  turn_off_screens_turn_on_play_bookmark_english

  • PA Promise to Children

    October 26, 2012


    http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5EAF0A94DB28F4DD The Salford Campus participated in PA Promise for Children and asked the children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?  

  • Screen Time in the Early Years

    September 25, 2012


    “Many kids use and understand media devices and platforms better than we do.  But their technological abilities are often ahead of their emotional maturity and judgment,” advises James Steyer, founder of Common Sense Media, in Work & Family Life (September 2012; workandfamilylife.com).  Steyer shares research results the impact of screen time on preschool children: A landmark study at the University of Washington showed that for every hour per day that preschool boys spent watching violent TV shows, they had three times the risk of developing behavioral problems at age 7.  This was true even when they were watching cartoons on commercial channels, which often have more violence than adult shows. For each hour of TV young kids watch, they have a 10 percent higher chance...Read More →

  • NAEYC Accreditation

    September 18, 2012


      Congratulations! SMCCC has acheived a new, five-year term of NAEYC Accreditation by successfully completing the renewal process. The administration, teaching staff, and families of Salford Mennonite Child Care Centers are all to be congratulated for continuing to uphold the mark of quality represented by the NAEYC Accreditation system. On behalf of NAEYC, and specifically the NAEYC Academy for Early Childhood Program Accreditation, we commend your program’s outstanding efforts in renewing NAEYC Accreditation.


    August 28, 2012


    I laughed out loud while reading an article from the Sunday paper. It was an interesting piece about table talk at family dinners, and the various strategies parents have tried. At one point, the author reflected on why it was important to impose some “order on the chaos of mealtime”, noting that the need for structure was less urgent for her parents’ generation who seemed “to have a firmer grip on discipline, using mysterious techniques now lost to posterity.” It was those last words that caused my amusement. Here again we see the idea espoused by the younger generation of parents, that there is some hidden, near mystical, bag of tricks owned by previous generations, but not available to parents today, for some unexplained reason....Read More →

  • Making Healthy Choices a No-Brainer

    August 21, 2012


    by Kerala Taylor, KaBOOM! In its article, “Fixing a World That Fosters Fat,” The New York Times tells us, “It’s the environment, stupid.” And they have a point. While so much of the fight against childhood obesity is geared toward changing individual behavior – eat better, exercise more – these efforts are futile in an environment that makes following such advice difficult, if not impossible. Since the average student spends 1,170 hours per year in school, it seems obvious that our schools should be fostering healthy eating habits and giving kids ample time to run around and play. But many school lunches are packed with sugar, carbohydrates, and empty calories—and astoundingly devoid of those things we’re always told are “good for us,” like fresh fruits...Read More →

  • Clear the clutter; get rid of unneeded toys

    August 13, 2012


    It’s easy to look askance at the hordes of Barbie dolls and Beanie Babies overrunning other people’s houses, so the wave of horror that greeted “Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century,” a recent anthropological study of 32 middle-class American families and their obscene quantities of stuff, was predictable. Published in coffee-table book form and illustrated with gorgeous pictures of freezers packed with prefab food and avalanches of clothes and swaying towers of molded plastic in bright primary colors, the book elicits sympathetic revulsion. “Look at how these people live,” you say to yourself as you leaf through the pages, perhaps realizing that, if the study’s photographer set up at just the right angle in your home, he could find scenes comparable to those in...Read More →

  • Ten Pillars of Good Childhood

    August 6, 2012


    The Association for Childhood Education International, a member of the World Forum Alliance, is promoting Ten Pillars of Good Childhood as the basis for their “Decade for Childhood” campaign: 1.  Safe and secure places for living and learning and access to health care, clothing, and nutritious food. 2.  Strong families and loving, consistent caregivers. 3.  Social interactions and friendship. 4.  Creative play and physical activity. 5.  Appreciation and stewardship of the natural environment. 6.  Creative expression through music, dance, drama, and other arts. 7.  Education that develops the full capacities of the child — cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and ethical. 8.  Supportive, nurturing, child-friendly communities. 9.  Growing independence and decision making. 10. Children and youth participating in community life.