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  • It’s About Time: Making it ALL Work

    February 28, 2014


    Below is an article called It’s About Time: Making it ALL Work.

  • Parenting Resources From ZERO TO THREE

    January 27, 2014


    January 2014 Edition What exciting activities do you   have planned for 2014? Get inspired by checking out ZERO TO THREE’s resource   titled A Year of Play, with   playtime, reading, and language activities for each month of the year. Young   children learn through play—when they are engaged, challenged, and having   fun, they are learning!   January is a time when many of us   resolve to eat better and exercise more. Why leave your baby or toddler out   of the fun? Learn how you can establish your child’s healthy eating habits   from the start. Plus check out some great tips for managing mealtimes with   “picky eaters.” Browse our booklet Healthy From the Start by clicking   one of...Read More →

  • Staying Safe During The Cold

    January 8, 2014


    Below are 2 helpful links of how to protect children during the cold winter months.

  • Winter/Spring Programs at the Center for Parenting Education

    December 17, 2013


    Winter/Spring programs at the Center for Parenting Educaiton… CPE Winter Spring 2014 Schedule (3)  

  • Budget Boosts Funding for Child Care, PKC & Head Start

    July 1, 2013


    SPECIAL REPORT:     BUDGET UPDATE Governor Signs FY 13-14 Budget With hours to go before the midnight deadline and the start of the new fiscal year, Governor Corbett signed the $28.4 million FY 2013-2014 Pennsylvania Budget. Overall, early childhood education funding saw increases in Pre-K Counts, Head Start, and Child Care. The FY 2013-2014 budget sustains increases to Pre-K Counts ($4.5 million) and the Head Start Supplemental Assistance Program ($1.9 million).   Child Care Services funding increased by $14.3 million from the FY 2012-2013 budget. This amount included $4.1 million savings from the consolidation of the CCIS that was moved from the Child Care Assistance line item to Child Care Services, $3 million from the Governor’s budget request and an addtional $7.2 million (that will help buffer any...Read More →

  • Colbert Report on Babies

    June 26, 2013


    Colbert Report on Babies June 12, 2013 Two shorten the road. -Irish proverb The Colbert Report is an American satirical late-night television program on the Comedy Central network.  On one show Steven Colbert interviewed Alison Gopnik, the author of The Philosophical Baby: What Children’s Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life (Picador, 2010).  In the interview Gopnik demonstrated how babies know much more, learn more, and are much more moral than we previously have suspected.  This comedic interview is surprisingly educational.

  • Smart Investments, Big Returns: Quality Early Learning in PA

    February 21, 2013


    Smart Investments, Big Returns Quality Early Learning In PA

  • The State of the Union and Early Childhood Education

    February 14, 2013


    Tonight, President Obama will address Congress with his first State of the Union address of his second term. Recently, members of the President’s Administration signaled that early childhood education will be a priority for the President in his second term. We are encouraging all DVAEYC members to watch the State of the Union tonight at 9pm, to be broadcast on all major television networks. As preview to President Obama’s address, the Centers for American Progress (a national think tank) has laid out a detailed national early education plan that would expand educational opportunities for children by investing significant federal dollars in: universal pre-k for all 3- and 4-year-olds, and expanded child care access for low income families with children 0-3 years old Yet current threats...Read More →

  • Violence

    December 17, 2012


    This is an article in response to the recent violence. Talking to Children about the shooting

  • Screen time and children

    November 26, 2012


    Please visit this page to learn about screen time and children.  turn_off_screens_turn_on_play_bookmark_english